Workshops & Retreat

AUTUMN RETREAT – Sunday November 19, 2017 @Ross St, 12.30-5.30pm (£50 early bird until end October – £65 after)

Anglesey Abbey October 2015

After the success from the last retreat, the next retreat is coming. When the last leaves have fallen to the ground, and the day getting short and cold, and our energy feels like draining away, find a way to recharge. Come join a day retreat at centre of cambridge. Expect a powerful dynamic yoga sessions to boost up our mood, a restorative session to ease our mind, some snacks to indulge, and some company to share time with.


  • a guided meditation to begin with
  • 135 minutes dynamic yoga session(s)
  • 60 minutes restorative
  • yoga anatomy chat – “happy hips”
  • intention setting, how to start and how to apply it
  • snacks, drinks.

Spaces limited, 14 spaces only, based of first come first serve.

Fill the form below for questions or to book: click here



To Fly or Not to Fly – a (Basic and) Practical Approach in Arm Balancing (This workshop is now fully booked!)

Sunday Oct 8 @Bodywise Studio, 12-2 pm, £20

120 minutes of dedicated practice to break down the basic of arm balancing so we can approach it practically.

Arm balances can be daunting for those for anyone, especially for those who are not familiar with it. Although it look fancy on photograph to be able to defy the gravity, the basic technic of arm balance are actually simple. There are many of arm balances variation nowdays, which are actually share, the same understanding with the basic one. Hence understanding the basic techniques will help you leap in no time into these sets of new perspective of defying gravity, whether you are already a flyer or not.

In this workshop, we will deconstruct the basic shape of balancing with our arms. Although it called ‘arm balance’, it is not as simple as using our arm strength only to balancing up and fly. We will understand which muscle needed to engage to root down, and which muscles needed to be strengthen to be able to lift up. Once we understand this, we will warm up the muscle accordingly and strengthening them before we reach the peak of playing with arm balances – steadily and safely.

With the constant connection with our breath and our mind, we will mindfully decide how far we would like to go in our arm balancing play. Bear in mind, that every achievement no matter how far – (whether you decide to fly or not, or how long you manage to fly) – are still achievements and we have to embrace it and celebrate it. After all, the willingness and the ability to learn is the best skill that we need to nurture and cherished.

This is a workshop for everyone except pure beginner.

Limited for 14 people only. Book here


Past events:

SECRET GARDEN YOGA RETREAT – Saturday July 15, Cambridge (£41.25 early bird – until June 15, £55 after)


1/2 days of yoga retreat at the garden that is keep secret until the last week. 5 hours of yoga related practice (not 5 hours full asana practice!) to strengthen, refresh and rejuvenate the body and the mind.

Included: 20 minutes guided meditation, 1 session of Vinyasa to start, snack break with basic anatomy for safe yoga practice & Q&A, 1 session of forrest inspired, 1 session of restorative

Snacks and refreshment included. Please email if you have any special dietary requirement.

£41.25 early bird until June 15, £55 after.

1. Spaces limited, based of first come first serve.
2. Once you booked, you need to email me where did you get the information from.
3. If I dont receive any email after you booked, or I can not confirm that I know you, I will refund your money 100%.
4. To book:
– click this link
5. In case it is rain, the class will moved to another venue (not in the garden).

INVERSION WORKSHOP – Sunday May 7 12 noon @Bodywise CB1 2LJ (£25 or £20 class pass holder)

As you have been asking for, inversion workshop is back.
Do you know that inversion does not always means standing on top of your head or with your hand? Inversion means bring your heartcentre higher than your head, to let the gravity help you send the bloodflow faster to your head.
What is better than flowing in your vinyasa practice following your breath rhythmically ended with playing safely to inversion of your choice? Expect a strong class to warm your abs, shoulder and legs, move in tunes rhythmically with your breath, followed with detailed cues, and hands on adjustment. After we all warmed enough, stages of ‘play’ to be inverted. I will give you choices and help you to approach it safely, you decide how far you want to do. When we reached savannah, guaranteed you will feel satisfied. Meet up at local coffee shop for lunch and chat afterward. Dont forget, bring your smile and probably your friend.



END OF YEAR INVERSION PRACTICE + TEA PARTY – Sunday 18/12 @12 noon @ Bodywise Studio – £10 drop-in or a class pass 

Let us finish the last Sunday practice of the year in style. Working towards inversions, cultivating strength, nourishing our integrity and mindfulness. Learning to steady the mind in challenging poses and retain muscular engagement between poses. Find the courage within you to continue your journey and feel the support surrounding you. Join for tea and biscuits, random chats and ad hoc practice of poses afterwards, plus Q&A on any poses you found challenging this year!
Price: £10 drop-in or a class pass. Limited places, please reserve your spot here.


OCTOBER WORKSHOP – “TWIST: Construct, Deconstruct, Reconstruct”

Sunday, October 16 from 12 noon until 2pm // £20 or 2 class passes

“Go for it, whether it end well or not, it’s an experience.”

12522942_855699217876146_6737687199836569928_n120 minutes dedicated twist practice.

As we grow older, we have our own way in seeing, doing, thinking about things. Often this view fixated and decompress into small way of habitual pattern. Once in a while it is good to see in different perspective, learn another way of doing things, decompressing ourselves.

Classes will start with a short meditation follows with strong pranayama practice. Warm up properly before we go to the flow, which is designed cleverly to gradually prepare the body for the peak poses. Last bit of the practice, mindfully work toward stages to the peak poses (Sundial, eka hasta bhujapidasana, Eight angle pose/astavakrasana) with options to stay in which stages you are comfortable with or gradually work toward the full pose. SLowly and quetly come into cool down poses before end up with meditation. Tea and biscuits provided, or join the crew to the nearest coffee shop.



SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP  – From Fallen Triangle, The Wild Thing into Scorpion. A journey of courage in opening the heart and liberating the mind.

imageSunday September 11 from 12-2pm: 2 hours practice – £20

120 minutes dedicated practice of side strecth and backbending, follow with inversion. Starting with slow breathing to quieten the mind and aligning with the body to raise the awareness within. Warming up the spine, side and front abdoments, shoulders, backs and neck, and other muscles needed. Raising the heat with the flow while at the same time keeping the focus on the breath before going to the peak pose. Working in stages for inversion with options to stop in any stages you are comfortable to or continue to the full peak pose. Follow with cooling down the body with hip opening and twist before coming to savasana. End up with tea and cake and chat if anyone would like to stay and have a discussion.