Class Overview

I teach Vinyasa flow and Forrest-inspired dynamic yoga.


This style is usually practised to build up the heat inside the body, as well as to gain strength with core vinyasa postures performed in a sequence similar to: downward dog – plank – chaturanga – cobra/upward dog. These or similar sequences are usually used as a transition between series of asanas while at the same time helping to keep the focus on the breath. In this class there are no set poses – I will lead where I think the class is ready to go. I design my class sequences leading towards a peak pose, whereas the flow and the postures in the sequence serve to prepare the body to reach that peak pose. As we reach a peak pose, I offer modifications where students can stop at any stage where they feel comfortable, or perhaps go further to try the full expression of the pose, so long as they make that decision cautiously and mindfully.


These classes are designed to build up flow using repetitive sequences, improving the understanding of basic techniques for moving into and holding poses steadily and safely, thus improving your overall practice. These classes also offer medium cardio workout combined with graceful movements between poses to maintain the integrity of the alignment and muscle engagement, build positive habits for muscle memory together with self-awareness of correct alignment, bringing self acceptance of what our body can do so we can cultivate self-respect and self-love, express rather than impress.



As well as working with the muscles in the similar fashion as in the classical Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Forrest yoga (created by Ana Forrest) focusses on strengthening the abdominals, back, and shoulders while at the same time releasing the built-up tension, particularly in the neck. Practitioners are encouraged to use strong Ujjayi breath throughout the practice, and we will hold the postures for a bit longer than is common flow style.


Building core strength and combining it in the flow. We are working in the details of the basic of core engagement, shoulder and back muscle integration, before knitting them all together in the flow. Suitable for beginner and improvers, or for those who are willing to go back to basic and pay intention closely to the technic.


Thinking of trying yoga but not sure where to start? Apprehensive of finding yourself in an  open-level class without knowing what to do? Already a practitioner but love to go back in details to the basic to finest the skill? Sometime we take the basic for granted but actually if we understand the basic thoroughly, we can build up our practice easier as we had build the foundation firmly. The class covers basic techniques including meditation, breathing, the understanding of basic poses and muscular engagement in standing poses and or sitting to. We will also deconstruct muscular stability vs muscular strength and how to build it and use it wisely. In the end, we will find the ease between movements to achieve fluidity, as well as when he stability to stay in the pose. On a spiritual level the practice will encourage mindfulness in daily life, on and off the mat.

£35 – 5 classes, £10 drop in, £5.50 1st class